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By Alan Alexander, Carl Bowen, John Chambers

The selected of the Incarnae, the Dragons, the Neverborn, the Yozis and the good Maker all try to chart the process construction. of their makes an attempt, those Exalted heroes usually come into clash or alliance. inside of are to be came upon examples of all seven forms of Exalt, starting from the traditional Sidereal Chejop Kejak to the younger Dragon-Blood Cathak Meladus and every age (and strength degrees) in among. a few target to smash the area, whereas others try to put it aside, yet despite intent, the mover and shakers and the up and comers alike are absolute to come into touch along with your characters. even if as good friend or foe is as much as you to figure out.

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Wearing it and activating it adds an internal +2 bonus to Mirror Flag’s Performance-based acting rolls. Observers also suffer a -2 external penalty to rolls to determine the wearer’s true identity or motives. Her Backing rating refers to the assistance the Cult of the Illuminated provides, and her Followers rating refers to the members of her troupe. The iconic uniform she wears incorporates subtle pads, plates and other reinforcements in the clothing, cape and cowl. The uniform provides the same protection as an exceptional reinforced buff jacket.

In his war farm, the Lunar becomes a man-bull standing a full 10 feet tall, counting his horns. He generally wears a kilt and cloak with a loose cowl or a pelt wrapped around his shoulders. Strength-of-Many wields a moonsilver grimcleaver. In his war form’s hand, the massive weapon looks almost dainty. When he cannot carry the grimcleaver (for instance, if he poses as a wandering simpleton to lure slave takers or infiltrates the slaves at a plantation), he crushes his foes with hooves, horns, fists and raw strength.

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