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A consultant to Proud Cultures in Decline as soon as, ahead of the fabled First Age, production was once a much diverse position. The Primordials nonetheless governed from Yu-Shan, and the gods wrought their masters' will from the Blessed Isle. In a time whilst humanity had but to style freedom, the realm used to be governed by means of different races, either mysterious and strong. The process the Primordial warfare burnt up each one of these peoples, yet lived on less than sunlight rule, the noble Dragon Kings and the shrewdpermanent Jadeborn, even though even then their decline had began a decline hastened by way of the Usurpation. Will the go back in their erstwhile lords and allies, the sunlight Exalted, mark a go back to greatness for those races, or are they doomed to eventually fall in this time of tumult? a personality sourcebook for Exalted , moment variation, that includes: every little thing avid gamers and Storytellers have to generate Mountain folks characters, together with their Charms every thing gamers and Storytellers have to generate Dragon King characters, together with their Paths Examples of either races' targeted wonders

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Some learn Thaumaturgy to gain an edge against their competitive peers, but others just study it out of general curiosity. Mountain Folk must pay the same costs and perform the same training as any others who seek to master thaumaturgy (see Exalted, pp. 137–139 and The Books of Sorcery, Vol. III—Oadenol’s Codex, pp. 109–144). INNATE POWERS Autochthon imbued his Jadeborn creations with several innate powers. These powers are detailed in the Traits section (see pp. 37-39). Players should make note of them on their character sheets.

Your character’s Motivation will assist the Storyteller in creating stories of interest to you, and will help you get into the mindset of the character, so Motivation should not be chosen lightly. When creating your character’s Motivation, you might wish to consult pages 88 to 89 of Exalted for more information on choosing, playing or changing character Motivations. STEP TWO: ATTRIBUTES Attributes reflect your character’s natural capabilities and aptitudes. Keeping your character concept in mind, decide how you will distribute your dots among the Physical (Strength, Dexterity, Stamina), Social (Charisma, Manipulation, Appearance) and Mental (Perception, Intelligence, Wits) Attributes.

Failure to conform to the Great Geas inflicts the offender with points of Divergence. The Divergence trait functions just like the Limit of the Exalted’s Great Curse, and the Storyteller ultimately decides what constitutes an offense. When a character’s Divergence trait reaches 10, the character experiences a great misfortune at the most inopportune moment, as though he broke an oath sanctified by an Eclipse Caste Solar with a permanent Essence equal to his own Essence rating. Since his children had done no harm to the Exalted but were unjustly being punished by the Unconquered Sun because the Lawgivers distrusted the Primordial and feared the power at the Jadeborn’s command, Autochthon provided them with some leniency.

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