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By Yong Zhu, Alan T. Zehnder

Experimental and utilized Mechanics, quantity four of the Proceedings of the 2016 SEM Annual convention & Exposition on Experimental and utilized Mechanics, the fourth quantity of ten from the convention, brings jointly contributions to big parts of study and engineering. the gathering offers early findings and case reviews on a variety of subject matters, including:

  • Hybrid Experimental & Computational Techniques
  • Advanced Experimental Mechanics Methods
  • Integration of versions & Experiments
  • Soft Materials
  • Education & examine in Progress
  • Applications

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The images were recorded by a stereoscopic system composed by two 5-MP CCD cameras (Point Grey GRAS-50S5M) equipped with 35-mm lenses. A traveling microscope was placed in front of the unpainted surface of the specimen to obtain crack length measurements, as shown in Fig. 6. 1 mm initiated. 1. No overloads or similar events were applied on the tested specimen. The nominal SIF values were calculated using the standard ASTM E399 equation: i P ð2 þ a=wÞ h 2 3 4 K I ¼ pffiffiffiffi Á Á 0:76 þ 4:64 Á a=w À 11:58 Á ð a=w Þ þ 11:43 Á ð a=w Þ À 4:08 Á ð a=w Þ t w ð1 À a=wÞ1:5 ð4:24Þ where w and t are the specimen width and thickness, a is the crack length (measured from the load line), and P is the applied load.

Hebert, and Pranav Shrotriya Abstract Stress Corrosion Cracking (SCC) is a cracking process observed in metals under tensile stress and corrosive environment. It has been reported as one of the major failure modes in high strength steel pipelines over few decades. This study aims to characterize sub-surface damage, which leads to near surface mechanical property changes during the initiation stage of SCC. The quasi-static and dynamic nano indentation technique, were utilized to resolve the mechanical property variation in the near-surface region.

In other words, the displacement discontinuity due to the crack will be poorly captured. 48 L. Podesta et al. Fig. 5 n<0 Supersingular n¼0 Rigid body translation n¼1 SIF n¼2 Uniform T-stress and both rotation Projection Onto Linear Elastic Fracture Mechanic Basis Williams’ series or Westergaard’s solutions have been used in Fracture Mechanics to describe the kinematic response of semi-infinite structure under uniaxial loading. Williams’ series are used in this work for post-processing the displacement measured by DIC.

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