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By Margaret Weis Productions

FIREFLY places you correct in the course of the motion of the wildly well known tv sequence, outrunning Alliance cruisers and buying and selling bullets with fearsome bounty hunters, people who wish what you will have or are looking to positioned out the sunshine of wish that you just signify. This video game makes use of a freewheelin’ model of the award-winning Cortex Plus process to carry the ‘Verse to lifestyles at your desk or on-line, together with broad ideas and instructions for making a group and resolving dramatic motion. additionally integrated are send plans, procedure charts, an episode advisor and extra.

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For more on recovery rolls see page 247 in Find a Job. 47 TIME FOR A DUEL The next morning, Atherton and Mal face off. There’s a lot riding on the duel’s outcome, what with Badger settlin’ into Serenity with his thugs and Sir Harrow waiting to see if Mal’ll survive. For simplicity’s sake, neither Mal nor Atherton has any Plot Points at the start of the duel. 2 Beat 1: Set the Bait Mal and Atherton face each other. While Mal goes for the win, Atherton toys with the captain and pretends Mal’s doin’ better than he really is.

Unfortunately, their loss means the government now seeks more willing citizens to grow crops on Newhall. You and your Crew have managed to convince Commander Harken that you’ll gladly abandon your life of crime and take up farming. What’s more, he’s so grateful you solved two of his problems in one day, he’ll throw in extra supplies and a small reward, too. Thing of it is, you don’t know anything about farming and half your Crew is beggin’ you to dump the cargo and sell it for a heap of Alliance credits.

Ling has faith a-plenty and doesn’t mind spreadin’ it around through the powers granted to him by his station. A mite naïve, the Colonel ain’t been out in this part of the ’Verse for very long. It was his choice to venture further out into the black, well past his home on Ariel. He doesn’t put no stock in fairytales like Reavers or faulty terra-forming equipment, neither—which makes him powerfully difficult to deal with. Will you return the medicine and leave Regina ’fore the Colonel shows up? Will you panic and wind up getting pinched?

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