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By Lynn A. Miller

"Firstfruits dwelling" skill giving again to God our lives, dwelling every day as God's servants. This easy-reading stewardship research by way of Lynn A. Miller will advertise full of life dialogue and renewed dwelling. ninety six pages.

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The firstfruits offering is given to God because it belongs to God. The firstfruits offering is a constant reminder to us that God is creator and ultimate owner of all that is, and God controls all that is. Combining what we learned earlier about the firstfruits offering, we can now say that the firstfruits offering is not a matter of timing or economics. It is a matter of ownership and worship. Now maybe that is not such bad news at all. Maybe this is not a good-news/bad-news joke; maybe it is a good-news/good-news joke.

Standing on the shat- Page 40 tered remains of a broken cross, in front of an open and empty tomb, there was Jesus, alive and well and smiling. After a moment, the man also smiled; then he turned and walked away. Away from the castle of stone, away from the food and the exquisite clothes. The man walked away from them all as if they were nothing, which they were compared to the happiness that now flooded his soul. He still had the disease, but he was happier than he had ever dreamed. He was happier than he had ever been in his entire life, for he had seen a dream and a vision that went beyond life itself.

These principles said that you can only believe that something actually happened (is historical), if it (1) has happened before, (2) is very similar to something that has happened before, and (3) has some readily apparent causeand even then you can't be absolutely sure. When I ask people today who don't believe in the resurrection of Christ why they don't believe, I often get a variation of one of these Troeltschian axioms. "It has never happened before. " But God (1) has never happened before, (2) is not in the least bit similar to anything that has ever happened before, and (3) has no apparent cause or reasonable explanation.

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