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By R. Albert Mohler Jr., Peter Enns, Michael F. Bird, Kevin J. Vanhoozer & John R. Franke

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In Treaty of the good King, Kline provides an in depth research and powerful facts for assisting the translation of Deuteronomy as being a criminal rfile among Israel and YHWH that used to be patterned after historic close to jap treaties, with Moses as its basic compiler. those reviews have been foundational in Kline's occupation as a covenant theologian.

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9. html [March 2, 2013]), recognized that the doctrine of justification itself demands that it is possible for some Catholics to have been justified by faith without believing in the doctrine of justification by faith, simply by their own self-understanding. 10. : Eerdmans, 1995). 11. For an exemplar of this perspective, see N. T. Wright, Scripture and the Authority of God: How to Read the Bible Today (New York: HarperOne, 2011). 12. Thomas Aquinas, Richard Hooker, and John Calvin are just three examples.

I do not believe that evangelicalism can survive without the explicit and complete assertion of biblical inerrancy. Given the pressures of late modernity, growing ever more hostile to theological truth claims, there is little basis for any hope that evangelicals will remain distinctively evangelical without the principled and explicit commitment to the inerrancy of the Bible. Beyond this, inerrancy must be understood as necessary and integral to the life of the church, the authority of preaching, and the integrity of the Christian life.

Baker Academic, 2008). The latter two are taken to task by Robert W. Yarbrough in a review essay with a telling title: “The Embattled Bible: Four More Books,” Themelios 34, no. org/themelios/article/the_embattled_bible_four_more_books/ (March 2, 2013). 4. For a discussion of Gundry’s ouster, see Leslie R. html (March 2, 2013). 5. Geisler twice insists that “a ‘report’ of an ‘event’ must be factually true, especially an inspired report” (Norman Geisler, “Is There Madness in the Method? A Rejoinder to Robert H.

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