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By Shane Hipps

Flickering pixels are the tiny dots of sunshine that make up the displays of life---from TVs to mobile phones. they're approximately invisible, yet they alter us. during this provocative ebook, writer Shane Hipps takes readers underneath the skin of items to work out how the applied sciences we use turn out utilizing us. no longer all is dire, although, as Hipps indicates us that hidden issues have some distance much less strength to form us once they aren't hidden anymore. we're purely puppets of our expertise if we stay asleep. Flickering Pixels will wake us up---and not anything will glance an identical back.

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Regardless of what is being communicated, the printed word whispers subliminal messages (you’re an individual) as we read. The subject matter (remain objective) could be anything. Regardless of the content, we are (think abstractly) powerfully shaped by the form (think rationally) of the words alone. “I” Is for Individual I had a much better memory before I could read well. In fact, many people living in oral cultures have remarkable memories. Such a capacity is necessary for retaining the tribal narratives which give meaning and identity.

All the women of the world adored him, but he never returned their love. Over time, the maidens grew angry and asked the gods to curse Narcissus with the pain of unrequited love. The gods listened. indd 33 10/27/08 11:01:56 AM FlickeringPixels Deep in the woods they created a pool of pure, silver water. One day, Narcissus stumbled upon the pool, exhausted and thirsty from a day of hunting. Leaning over to drink, he saw his own image mirrored in the water, but he mistook it for a beautiful water spirit living in the pool.

This myth tells of a young man named Perseus, a son of the god Zeus. In the land where Perseus grew up, a horrifying monster named Medusa was on a rampage; everyone who looked directly into her eyes was immediately turned to stone. Perseus volunteered to destroy her. As Perseus set out for Medusa’s lair, the gods gave him a highly polished shield for protection. When Perseus arrived, Medusa was sleeping. He approached quietly, being cautious never to look directly at her. Rather than proceeding with his eyes closed, he used his bright shield as a guiding mirror, keeping his eyes fixed on the reflection of Medusa.

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