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By Keith R. A. DeCandido

Detectives Mac Taylor, Danny Messer, Sheldon Hawkes, and Don Flack are referred to as in to enquire a double murder at a medium-security facility on Staten Island. Racial tensions became the criminal right into a strain cooker that eventually boiled over in an all-too-lethal style, leaving inmates useless. one of many killings is an open-and-shut case, entire with eyewitnesses; however the different, the homicide of a former cop, defies effortless solutions. preliminary research of the crime scene issues to at least one explanation for loss of life, however the CSI team's clinical tools discover anything totally different -- and completely unexpected.... at the different fringe of town, Stella Bonasera and Lindsay Monroe look at the homicide of a tender girl who labored at a favored Italian bakery within the Bronx. They locate definitely the right suspect presently: a common client who spent loads of time flirting with the sufferer and who formerly have been arrested for a violent crime. but Stella can not help yet imagine that their ideal suspect is simply a bit too ideal for any such messy murder.... not anything is because it turns out as long island City's devoted crime scene investigators piece jointly the clues and think about the proof to find the real killers of their midst.

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If I can prove to a judge that we need the samples for evidence in a murder investigation—and I have to tell you that it wouldn't take all that much convincing—then I'll have a warrant that will legally compel you to give me blood and DNA samples. " Annie sighed. " After taking a quick bathroom break—which required a key, a level of security Stella thought to be pretty pointless— she finished off with Sal Belluso. The bakery owner spent the entire time muttering in Italian. Stella's own Italian wasn't just rusty, it was oxidized, and Belluso spoke in a dialect Stella didn't know, but she caught enough to know that Belluso wanted the killer very badly and that he wasn't thrilled with all the women cops (the exact term he used was pola, which meant both cop and chick).

Minor irritation of the skin in the pattern of a necklace, which tracks with the divot in her skin on the back of the neck. She definitely wore a necklace of some sort. " Again Stella sighed. Still too many questions, not enough answers. But not all the evidence had been examined yet. There was the trace on the knuckles and the fiber they had found. "Thanks, Sid. " Chuckling, Sid said, "Always. Thanks, Stell. Oh, hey, listen, I'm having a cookout Saturday night. " Stella felt her mouth water. Sid had given up a career as a chef in order to become a medical examiner—a career choice Stella had never entirely understood, considering his culinary talents—and his steak marinade was the stuff of legends.

He quit for personal reasons and converted to Islam. That's why he changed his name. " They'd met up with Flack at the NYPD helipad. Midday traffic would be murder (no pun intended), and it had already been a couple of hours since the crime took place. By the time the Department of Corrections bureaucracy worked its way from Staten Island to Albany and back down to Gerrard's office, the scene had probably already turned into a mess. Speed was of the essence, and they couldn't afford to sit in traffic on two different bridges, nor was Mac sanguine about taking their lab equipment onto the Staten Island Ferry.

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