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By Phil Brucato, Richard E. Dansky, Robert Hatch, Ian Lemke

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Serendip Belt has parity with most of the other major powers (excepting New Home); it is the closest of them to breakthrough in a number of critical areas leading to Tech level 13. New Home has already achieved this and the scientists of the Serendip Belt are redoubling their efforts to catch up. The arrival of the Jump-capable starship Eldorado was an unmissable opportunity for the Serendips, who quickly assimilated the new knowledge and made as much use of it as they could. Continued experimentation has led to a number of accidents and misadventures, but the Serendips seem 39 determined to wring everything out of Jump technology that they can.

Violence was minimal at first, but a series of rebellions had to be put down with increasing ruthlessness. Within a decade, Joyeuse had gained a paramilitary police force which enforced harsh edicts from the dictator, and the various factions were dissolved. To this day, some resistance continues in the name of the old factions or an idealised longing for the ‘the old days’ – even though the democratic period was short-lived, chaotic and brought the economy of Joyeuse to the brink of collapse. Harsh central control permitted an economic recovery and the reintegration of some areas of Joyeuse that had seceded from central governmental control.

This is accurate for vessels coming in from anywhere but New Colchis. The original port is open to any passing ship – which is not a large number – while vessels registered out of New Colchis can use the new purpose-built port completed in 5612AD with money from New Colchis. This installation would probably be rated as C class if it were open to general traffic. The population of Herzenslust are more dispersed than those of New Colchis, though new arrivals tend to congregate at the new capital.

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