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By Stanislav N. Gorb

This e-book is dedicated to the quickly becoming region of technology facing constitution and houses of organic surfaces of their relation to specific function(s). This quantity, written through a crew of experts from diversified disciplines, covers a variety of floor services comparable to defense, protection, water shipping, anti-wetting, self cleansing, mild mirrored image and scattering, and acoustics. simply because organic surfaces have an almost never-ending strength of technological rules for the improvement of recent fabrics and platforms, inspirations from biology may be attention-grabbing for a vast diversity of subject matters in floor engineering.

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Comparison of the calculated retractor muscle breaking 1 The Echinoderm Tube Foot and its Role in Temporary Underwater Adhesion 21 force with the total breaking force of whole tube feet shows that the retractor muscle accounts for only about 1% of the stem breaking force in sea urchins and for 18 to 25% in sea stars. , 2005b). It is apparent therefore that, when a tensile force is exerted on a tube foot stem, the connective tissue is the tissue layer bearing most of the load. 3 The Disc The discs of both asteroid and echinoid tube feet consist of two superposed layers of approximately equal thickness: a proximal supporting structure bearing the tensions associated with adhesion, and a distal adhesive pad making contact with the substratum and producing the adhesive secretion that fastens the tube foot to this substratum (Fig.

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