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By Lise Breakey, Bruce Thomas, Terrie Smith

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Most of them require some sort of permanent establishment and the right tools to practice, plus a clientele. A character should be 5th level in a craft before he is considered good enough to work on his own. Below 5th level, the character is either an apprentice or a struggling independent. This is not a comprehensive list. Attack abilities for these skills are usually Dexterity, Ego, or Reason, as noted. Defense scores are not required for these skills. Chapter One: Creating the Player Character Attack Ability: Reason Goes Against: Assigned Difficulty Factor Although it can take as many as fourteen Furries to run the heaviest naval cannon, only one of them really needs to know what he is doing: that Furry is the gunner.

The duration of the spell is technically unlimited. However, while the caster is away from his body, it is helpless and appears (to the casual observer) to be dead. The body can stay in this coma-like state for a number of hours equal to the caster’s Constitution score without detrimental effect. After that, for every hour spent away, the caster loses one hit point. A first-level spell only takes the caster out of his body, but with each additional level, he can take another Furry. However, unless the other Furry also has the skill of Astral Projection, his spirit must stay in contact with the projectionist’s.

A Warding is cast by drawing a circle with symbols drawn around both the inside and outside edge. Circle of Alteration This type of Magick is the most valuable in combat situations, being fast acting, short-lived, and showy. All Alteration skills have a casting time of a few seconds (an initiative of d12). The casting method for an Alteration consists of a quick incantation spoken in a commanding voice (don’t try to be subtle or sneaky with this) plus dramatic gestures. Therefore the caster must be free to speak and move.

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