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By Barry Press, Marcia Press

* From the storage to the lounge, Geek apartment offers hackers with 10 PC-based hacking tasks that aren't for the faint of middle! * Taking the DIY mentality to a complete new point, this publication teaches techies the right way to hack, customise, and adjust everything-from their sprinkler platforms to the temperature in their barbecues * Adventurous readers will dinner party on such initiatives as fitting a bar code stock approach for DVDs or CDs, changing RS232 to instant, scheduling recording from any tv in the home, and making a handheld remote control finder * significant other site contains the customized software program and resource code had to energy those geeky creations

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Physical layer The physical layer in an X-10 system transmits data over the power lines. The challenge is to send the signal reliably, with relatively low-power, inexpensive electronics. X-10 chose a simple scheme using a tone or its absence to convey a one or zero data bit, respectively, and uses redundant signaling to help improve reliability. Figure 1-3 shows the fundamental approach. An X-10 transmitter will output a 120 kHz tone in a 1 ms burst starting when a rising line voltage crosses the zero point.

Reactive loads have capacitive and/or inductive components, in addition to the resistive load, that make the loads unsuitable for control by triac semiconductor devices that modify the AC waveform. 15 16 Part I — In the Basement FIGURE 1-9: Appliance module A triac is a three-terminal semiconductor device used by all modern dimmers to control an AC line. Two of the terminals form a path for the load current, while the third terminal turns the device on (the triac turns off at every zero crossing of the AC waveform).

Function codes are operations such as on or off. 7 8 Part I — In the Basement Start Code House Code Key Code Cycle Tone Tone Cycle Tone No Tone Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse Cycle Bit Bit Inverse FIGURE 1-5: X-10 standard message format In another layer of error detection, every message gets transmitted twice. Ordinary messages should have three full empty cycles between messages, but bright/dim commands should be sequential, with no intervening empty cycles.

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