Download Ghost Towns (Werewolf: The Apocalypse) by Nancy Amboy, Andrew Bates, Derek Pearcy, John Wick PDF

By Nancy Amboy, Andrew Bates, Derek Pearcy, John Wick

Ghost Towns bargains a wealth of knowledge for gamers and Storytellers who are looking to transcend the Shroud of their Werewolf: The Wild West chronicles. This publication presents platforms for integrating wraiths into Wild West video games, and info the haunted areas of the Savage West. A crossover among renowned international of Darkness video games, Ghost Towns has all of it for Werewolf and Wraith gamers alike.

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The covers are made of flawless black obsidian and the pages therein are sheets of lead hammered so thin that they flex like paper. These are illuminated with strange writings in languages unknown and illustrations both beautiful and horrific. No matter how many pages are turned, there is always one more. No one knows the origin of the Codex or what its original purpose might have been except that it also known as Yagrax's Tome. The first mention of the Codex ties it to an unnamed wizard-priest who tyrannically ruled ancient lands now sunk beneath the waves.

One must go back in time and prevent Mei Lung from becoming the Celestial Historian. • Mei Lung must be convinced that knowledge is meaningless. 37 38 Heward's Mystical Organ is a massive musical instrument fashioned to look like a particularly sublime pipe organ. The cabinet is a great horseshoe arc with three full sets of keys; one of ivory and obsidian, one of jade and lapis, and the third of steel and brass. Arranged in three banks, one to each side and another across the front, are the organ's ivory stops, nine to a bank, 27 in all.

Alternatively, the characters must find out why a local ruler has recently begun acting strangely. 48 Constant. Contact with the flower adds 5 points to the user's Charisma (max. of 21). Invoked. The player character specifies a floral scent while holding and smelling deeply of the crystalline Jacinth. This releases the fragrance along with the appropriate power. If a scent is named that the gem does not have or no fragrance is specified, a random scent is released. The scents are as follows: Violet Lavender Rose Jacinth Charm person (2/day) Suggestion (3/day, cast at 20th level) 1 from Table 25: Major Spell-Like Powers 1 from Table 22: Fate and Fortune Curse.

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