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By Peter Warneck (auth.), C. N. Hewitt, W. T. Sturges (eds.)

This publication examines the ways that human task is affecting the composition of the worldwide surroundings, how either the importance and premiums of switch examine with common cycles, and what results those alterations could have at the worldwide weather, ecosystems, and the wellbeing and fitness of human existence in the world.

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An additional geochemical cycle of nitrogen occurs with the turnover of the sediments. 7x 103a _ Ib 9x108c a nitrogen fixation rate of 210 Tg N/annum. bTurnover time for photosynthetic active parts, growth, shedding and decay of leaves. cBased on the turnover rate of 30 Tg C/annum for organic carbon in the sediments and a ratio N/C = 0·075. aFor CHEMICAL CHANGES ON GEOLOGICAL AND RECENT TIME SCALES 29 However, both cycles are relatively unimportant compared with that between the atmosphere and biosphere, and the marine and terrestrial environments.

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