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The article of this ebook is to introduce the reader to a couple of crucial suggestions of recent international geometry. It quite often offers with worldwide questions and specifically the interdependence of geometry and topology, international and native. Algebraico-topological suggestions are built within the certain context of delicate manifolds. The e-book discusses the DeRham cohomology and its ramifications: Poincare, duality, intersection thought, measure conception, Thom isomorphism, attribute sessions, Gauss-Bonnet and so forth. The authors search to calculate the cohomology teams of as many as attainable concrete examples with no counting on the equipment of homotopy conception (CW-complexes etc). Elliptic partial differential equations also are featured, requiring a familiarity with practical research. It describes the proofs of elliptic Lp and Holder estimates (assuming a few deep result of harmonic research) for arbitrary elliptic operators with tender coefficients. The ebook closes with alook at a category of elliptic operators, the Dirac operators. It discusses their algebraic constitution in a few element, Weizenbock formulae and plenty of concrete examples

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P r o o f . Sufficiency. 7 be met. , we have to go either along the trajectory 7t + (x) or 7f,_(x) in according with the orientation induced by the parametrization dx±(t) dt = b±(x±(t)), 54 Nonlinear affine system on a plane x±(0) = x. Vice versa, we can reach any point x 6 D, which is accessible from some point x e Dn , , - .

Here we consider the problem of controllability analysis from the point of view which is slightly different from that of previous sections. Let AE(/,b)(A[u_, u + ], D) be the set of oriented curves, each contained in D C R2, which are integral curves of the system S ( / , 6) for some u(t) £ A[u~,u + ]. Then the problem of controllability analysis can be reduced to two sub prob­ lems: (A) describing Aj W ) (A[u~,u + ],Z>); (B) finding the conditions for the system to move from any state x° £ D to a pre specified state x1 6 D along the curve 7 £ ^E(/,i)(A[ti",u + ],D) in the right direction.

P r o p o s i t i o n 2 . 1 . 1 The system LV is controllable on D = {x e R 2 ; x a > 0,x 2 > 0} iffbl + b22^0. Moreover, if bxb2 = 0 and b\ + b\ =f 0, then on D = {x E R 2 ; i j > 0, x2 > 0} the system LV is equivalent to the cart , and D is a controllable foliation generated by LV. T h e proof of this proposition we leave as an exercise for the reader. 3. 2 Controllability of a cart garland. In t h e previous section a domain D was supposed to be a controllable foliation generated by an affine nonlinear system S ( / , 6).

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