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By Lee Strobel

13 Discoveries which may Revolutionize Your existence God's unbelievable claims approximately Himself and His paintings on our behalf are embedded through the pages of Scripture. He sees capability in us that we do not see in our wildest goals. He sees characteristics that we do not imagine we will be able to ever in achieving. He has religion in us that we lack in ourselves. but if we all know and entirely comprehend what He has promised, we're liberated to develop in advantage, stay out our religion as an event, relate to others with authenticity, generate profits with integrity, and make a distinction in our tradition - throughout his strength. Lee Strobel's insights into the advantages of dwelling as a completely committed follower of Christ are clean and powerfully suitable. utilizing precise tales, together with his personal, he exhibits that Christianity quite works, that we actually can dwell remodeled, actual, and potent lives - and that God's provides and gear are very genuine and extremely real

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To one degree or another we all have adversaries or opponents toward whom we feel animosity. He may be the owner of a competing business who’s stealing your best customers, and if you’re honest, you’ll admit that you hate him for putting your livelihood in jeopardy. She may be a colleague who’s fighting against you—all too successfully—for bonuses and advancement. He may be the midlevel executive who’s firmly entrenched above you in the corporate structure, and you resent him because he’s blocking your way to the top.

You can still proceed with the process. Sometimes writing a letter, even though it will never be read by the other person, can help ease your guilt. , along with the faded photograph of a Vietnamese soldier and his young daughter: Dear Sir, For twenty-two years I have carried your picture in my wallet. I was only eighteen years old that day that we faced one another on that trail in Chu Lai, Vietnam. Why you didn't take my life I'll never know. You stared at me for so long, armed with your AK-47, and yet you did not fire.

In this ancient tale, the angels of heaven begin to noisily rejoice as the waters of the Red Sea cave in on the Egyptian soldiers and drown them as they pursue the Israelites. Amid their celebration, God lifts his hand to stop them. ”15 The Bible confirms, in Ezekiel 33:11, that God takes no pleasure in the demise of evil people. So if God could have compassion toward those ill-intentioned Egyptians, pause for a moment and think about the opponent you’ve brought to mind. ” Can you look beyond his or her behavior and get a glimpse of why he or she matters to God?

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