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Key examine within the world’s greatest getting older inhabitants – in China – has fed into this significant new paintings, which goals to respond to questions severe to older humans around the world. those contain: is the interval of incapacity compressing or increasing with expanding existence expectancy and what components are linked to those tendencies within the fresh many years? And is it attainable to achieve morbidity compression with a prolongation of the existence span sooner or later? crucial interpreting for gerontologists.

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In his chapter, Zeng introduces readers to the Chinese Longitudinal Healthy Longevity Survey (CLHLS), the data set used in almost all the analyses contained in the chapters in this book. His chapter includes the general goals and the specific objectives of the CLHLS, along with its organizational framework, study design, sample distribution and contents of the data collected. He also compares the CLHLS with other surveys that focus on elderly populations. The large population size, the focus on healthy longevity (rather than on a specific disease or disorder), the simultaneous consideration of various risk factors, and the use of analytical strategies based on demographic concepts, all make the CLHLS an innovative demographic data collection and research project.

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