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Political technology; figures, tables, notes, appendices, references, index, 224 pages.

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Before 1923, education in Northern Ireland was provided by private or "voluntary" schools, usually established and operated by the various religious denominations. The Northern Ireland government subsequently established a system of public or "county" schools. Only the Protestant denominations, however, chose to transfer their schools into the public system and then only after guarantees that religious instruction would be continued (Akenson, 1973, p. 103). As a consequence, the present educational system is divided between county schools which are almost entirely Protestant, and voluntary schools which are virtually all Catholic.

The data for New Brunswick are from Dion, Even, and Hautecoeur, 1969, while the Northern Ireland data are from the Northern Ireland Loyalty Survey. Data for all other countries are from J. Curtis, 1971. function. The Orange Order in Northern Ireland, for example, is directed specifically toward the majority bloc, as evidenced by the ordinances of the society which note that the "institutions is composed of Protestants, united and resolved to the utmost of their power to support and defend the rightful Sovereign, the Protestant Religion, the Laws of the Realm, and the Succession to the Throne of Windsor, BEING PROTESTANT" (Gray, 1972, pp.

Prehensive census, only 7 percent of the population of Ulster still spoke Gaelic (O'Cuiv, 1951). Nevertheless, it is claimed by some that Irish Catholics are distinguishable from Ulster Protestants by "an accent with slightly longer vowel-sounds and softer consonants" (Eraser, 1973, p. 89). POLITICAL PARTIES Like most social organizations in the two communities, the political parties correspond closely to the fragmented subcultures. In effect, each culture can claim to have its own party. This is particularly true in Northern Ireland where religious denomination and political party have been historically almost perfectly linked.

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