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A historical past of the production and improvement of the magazine is gifted for the interval starting in 1932. The thematics of the magazine is printed, and its overseas prestige and heavy clinical leaning of released fabrics are famous.

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Kragel’skii and I. E. Vinogradova, Friction Coefficients [in Russian], Mashgiz, Moscow (1962). V. D. Prodan, Techniques for Sealing Demountable Fixed Joints [in Russian], Mashinostroenie, Moscow (1991). A. D. Domashnev and V. L. Khmel’niker, Gland Seals in Nuclear Power Station Fittings [in Russian], Atomizdat, Moscow (1980). V. V. Avdeev, E. T. Il’in, S. G. , “Strain characteristics of gland packings made of thermally expanded graphite,” Khim. Neftegaz. , No. 9, 28–31 (2005). Chemical and Petroleum Engineering, Vol.

The right-hand boundary of the regulation zone is determined for n = constant by θb = 0° and corresponds to the curve ADB (Fig. 2). It is evident however that the envelope curve AFB in the family of characteristics εi = ƒ(Q0) runs somewhat higher than curve ADB for various speeds. Then with a given Q0, the maximum εi is attained for θb opt ≠ 0°. This is confirmed by calculations on εi = ƒ(n) for Q0 = constant: θb opt lies in a restricted range from zero to 20°. However, the improvement in the efficiency by comparison with θb = 0 (curve ADB in Fig.

As this is very small, it is almost impossible to observe visually. 5, (1) in which N is the load and k1 is a coefficient of proportionality. 14·107 MPa. In the case of preliminary displacement, the applied force is balanced by the partial frictional force, and the body remains at rest. There is mechanical deformation in the preliminary displacement zone: partially elastic and partially plastic. The mechanical elastoplastic character of the contact is due to the effects of the change in the direction of motion by the preliminary displacement.

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