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Of the good Clans of Rokugan, 3 have continuously embraced the artwork of warfare with a commitment that their friends can't fit: the Crab, who hold the Shadowlands at bay by way of sheer strength of fingers; the Lion, whose founder wrote the definitive Rokugani treatise on army method; and the Unicorn, whose culture of remarkable horsemanship and unconventional methods have made them an impressive opponent at the battlefield. Masters of conflict perspectives each one of them via their contributions to Rokugani army perform and background. Masters of struggle unearths the soul of 3 of Rokugan's nice Clans and describes them in unheard of aspect. it's a an important source for an individual attracted to the Crab, the Lion or the Unicorn - or certainly, somebody attracted to the Rokugani paintings of battle.

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The Hida may die. But the Hida will not be defeated. That is the Crab Clan's tactical doctrine for fighting the Shadowlands hordes. Strategically, the Crab understand the importance of raiding and gathering intelligence in the Shadowlands, as it keeps the enemy off-balance and spots threats before they become vis· ible from the battlements of the Kaiu 'Wall. That is why they send patrols out beyond the Wall and their frontier strongholds of Shiro Hiruma and Shinsei's Last Hope on a daily basis.

The battle then comes down to the fighting qualities of the respective armies, and in that, the Crab have the distinct advantage. THE UNICORN CLAN For the Crab, it is a good thing that they have a long history of friendly relations with the Unicorn, with only a few minor interruptions. If there is one Great Clan that gives Crab tacticians genuine concern, it is the Unicorn, and in particular the Khol Army, which is the pride and centerpiece of that Clan's military establishment. Their matchless strength -mobility - is also the Crab's only real weakness on the battlefield.

Some of them predate the Kaiu Wall and serve functions that are more or less independent of it, while others exist out of recognition that it is wise for the Crab to take notice of what happens in Rokugan while their backs are turned. t t II 5 e e n e I. Iy 5t ry n. b 'y ds ja ,ut Ife as to IdJ of ,en un- tire ore )art llay tern less it gan It Face of the East Castle Far "Runnel' Dojo Without a doubt, Face of the East Castle is the most hospitable of the Crab fortresses. Though it boasts a sturdy, Kaiu-built citadel and secure walls, the atmosphere lacks the general feeling of gruff vigilance that one finds at most other points in the Clan's defensive network.

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