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For t h ~ to s be acceptable, not only ~ n i l ~ t a rthlnk~ng y but also S O C I ~~I S S U I ~ ~ ~ I hdd O I I Sto c11'1nge. T h ~ h'lps pened with the Macedonlans of Philtp 11, a king surrounded by his arlsto- 20 Close Arrrry nvzd Pointed Specrrs cratlc Companions. It was only then that cavalry finally c a n e to perforrn 1' crucial function on the battlefield of ancient Greece. The hoplttes did not d~scardall artstocratlc notions of wartare. "" But above all, the hopl~te army was the arrny of the nvddle strata o t Greek soczety.

1). This ti~i-re,the ships d ~ not d travel the treacherous waters around Mount Athos but cut directly across the southern edges of the Aegem Se'1, h o p p ~ n gfrom ~ s l a ~ tl od ~ s l ~ l n~intil d they I'tnded near Eretr~a,one of the two major offendtng citles. " They relied o n a t least three factors to break Athens's fill1 to res~st-firm control of the 1sl~1ndsbetween the shores of A s ~ aM ~ n o r and Attlca, the reglon in which Athens IS situated; tlie sight of the Eretr~an c ~ t i ~ e led n s to Persia In cha~ns;and ~nternalpolit~caldiscord In Athens herself.

The fact is that rehgion was the most powertul incentive to keep good f a ~ t hIn the agreements and treattes resulting from war. lX) T h ~ sassun~ptioi~ undcrp~illledthe Greek's hc3tldl~ngof 1'11 legal aspects of warfare. '" To pardghrdse Franco Forn,~rl on the p s y c h o a t ~ ~ ~ l yofs ~ s modern war, rttuals were also a way of endowing "the process of killrng with the tunct~onof. """ And finally, rttuals served as a testarrlerlt to the beltet that war and tlie rnalcers of war embodied the hlghest values of the community.

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