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By T. T. Macan, Edgar Barton Worthington

One of many MANY issues MADE by way of lecturers OF ECOLOGY IS THAT THE ANIMAL AND PLANT group will be easily STUDIED IN A POND OR LAKE. comprises forty five colour photos, AND 20 MAPS AND DIAGRAMS

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For certain purposes it is convenient to express the concentration as the percentage of the saturation concentration at the temperature prevailing when the sample was taken. Fifty parts per million of oxygen would be 50% of the saturation value at 0° C. but 77% at 20° C. Animals use up oxygen and produce carbon dioxide and plants do the same in the dark. While illuminated, the latter do the reverse, absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen. Still water with much vegetation in bright sunlight may for a period have more oxygen in solution than the normal maximum at the temperature prevailing.

Birge at the University of Wisconsin. Since 1945 expansion has been rapid all over the world, and it is impossible to give any general account of it, one reason being that, whereas before the war few scientific communications were published except in one of the major languages of western Europe, now they appear in a great many. Development in Britain has probably been similar to that in many other countries, and we may therefore pass on to events there. Great Britain lagged far behind in the early years and it is interesting to quote the words of Professor Charles A.

Productivity must ultimately depend on the amount of non-living material brought into a body of water in solution and in suspension, and so the story starts with the geology of the surrounding land. Closely bound up with this is the way in which the body of water was formed. When the primary nutrient materials reach the water they are utilized by plants, and plants always form the first link of the biological food-chain. Succeeding links are provided by various invertebrate animals and finally fish.

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