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By Jon R. Pratt, Gordon A. Shaw, Douglas T. Smith (auth.), Tom Proulx (eds.)

The eleventh overseas Symposium on MEMS and Nanotechnology is the second one quantity of six from the yearly convention of the Society for Experimental Mechanics 2010. It brings jointly forty chapters on Microelectromechanical structures and Nanotechnology. It offers early findings from experimental and computational investigations on MEMS and Nanotechnology together with contributions on Nanomechanical criteria, Magneto-mechanical MEMS Sensors, Piezoelectric MEMS for power Harvesting, and Linear and Nonlinear Mass Sensing.

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In order to eliminate taper in the final specimens, lathe-type secondary milling is performed using a program developed by Uchic and Dimiduk. 5 µm, so care is taken to fabricate these specimens using top-down concentric annular cuts, resulting in micropillars with tapered sides of a few degrees. Final micropillars for these experiments have a length that is twice that of the diameter, resulting in an aspect ratio of 2. Using an aspect ratio above 2 could potentially result in buckling, while using anything lower than 2 may result in non-uniform stress measures.

The optimal resistive load of IDE can be evaluated by equation (3~5) [15, 16]: (3) · · (4) 1 (5) where f is resonant frequency, C is capacitance, εr is dielectric constant, ε0 is permittivity of vacuum, A is electrode area, l is distance between electrodes, W is width of finger electrode, t is film thickness, and N is the number of finger electrodes. Moreover, a dead zone is formed due to non-uniform poling direction, which is perpendicular to the electrode coordination under electrodes area. The entire PZT film cannot be contributed to the piezoelectric conversion so that its volumetric efficiency decreases.

39 CONCLUSIONS In this paper, piezoelectric micro power generators with two different piezoelectric modes were designed and fabricated for their comparison. Well-crystallized PZT thin films were confirmed by XRD and microstructural analysis. 5 g acceleration force, their output voltage, current, and power were compared. 72 µW and 70 µA was obtained under 11 kΩ of optimal resistive load. 675 Vp-p but its power and current were too low for its applications. Although the {3-3} mode using interdigitated electrodes still requires further study, such as optimizing IDE configuration and poling conditions, the {3-1} mode satisfies the requirements for now.

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