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Recent years have visible the proliferation of latest laptop designs that hire parallel processing in a single shape or one other in an effort to in attaining greatest functionality. even though the belief of enhancing the functionality of computing machines through accomplishing components of the computation simultaneously isn't new (indeed, the idea that was once recognized to Babbage ), such machines have, till quite lately, been restrained to some expert study laboratories. these days, parallel desktops are commercially to be had and they're discovering quite a lot of functions in chemical calculations. the aim of this quantity is to check the effect that the arrival of concurrent computation is already having, and is probably going to have sooner or later, on chemical calculations. even though the possibility of concurrent computation remains to be faraway from its complete cognizance, it truly is already transparent that it could possibly become moment in value purely to the creation of the digital electronic laptop itself.

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I L {([IAIJB] - [IBIJA])([AIIBJ]-[AJIBI]) /JAB where we use /, J, K, ... for occupied orbitals and A, B, C, for unoccupied orbitals. In the above equation, we have employed the usual charge-cloud 40 Stephen Wilson notation; that is, [PRI QS] = (PQI integrals of the type r;-;I IRS). It should be noted that only [IAIJB] arise in the calculation, and, therefore, only a partial transformation of two-electron integrals is required prior to the second-order energy calculation. B The last two equations define the correlation energy component whose evaluation we c9nsider in this paper.

It has homogeneity and symmetrical properties since no single processing element plays a particular role. In "cube-connected-cycle" networks each node of a cube is replaced by a ring or cycle of processing elements. Hierarchical networks are defined p p ® p processor Figure 13. p p [MJ p memory Distributed memory architecture. p p 20 Stephen Wilson in a recursive manner as we illustrate in Figure 11. This class of network architectures can be subdivided into tree networks, clusters of clusters, pyramids, etc.

The WHERE block is a particularly powerful feature of FORTRAN 200. TRUE. or corresponding elements of A(l;N) according to the elements of LBIT(l;N). In Figure 16, the code that is equivalent to that given in Figure 15 is Stephen Wilson 26 c REAL FUNCTION VERF(X;•) c Evaluation of tne error function, erf(x) c FORTRAN 200 version for CYBER 205 and ETA 10 machines c c c c C c c c c c c c .. Array arguments .. • Local Scalars .. REAL HALF, ONE, SQRTPI , THREE, TWENTY, TWO, KUP, ZERO INTEGER J, NA, NB ..

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