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;Northrop T-38A / AT-38 / T-38C Talon (Uncovering the # 21) ВОЕННАЯ ИСТОРИЯ,ТЕХНИКА Название: Northrop T-38A / AT-38 / T-38C Talon (Uncovering the # 21)Автор: Willy PeetersИздательство: DACO PublicationsISBN: 9080674745Год: 2004Страниц: 82Формат: PDF в RARРазмер: 102.81МБЯзык: английскийThe Northrop T-38 is a coach that's heavely utilized by the USAF, Nasa and a number of other Air Forces. Willy Peeters uncovers this jet from in and outdoors. additionally the new brought T-38C with "glass" (screen screens rather than tools) cockpits is incorporated during this publication.Скачать: Depositfiles UploadingHotfile zero

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Can carry rockets and machine gun pods. General Electric nose mounted three barrel 20mm gun turret can be slaved to helmet mounted sights. Operators: Bahrain, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Pakistan, Romania*, South Korea, Thailand, Turkey, USA. History: The world's first operational dedicated two seat helicopter gunship, the HueyCobra was initially intended to be an interim design pending the introduction into service of the subsequently cancelled Lockheed AH-56 Cheyenne. The HueyCobra began life as a private venture when in 1965 Bell took the powerplant, transmission and rotor system of the UH-1B/C Iroquois and matched them to a new fuselage featuring seating for two in tandem, stub wings to carry weapons and a nose gun, to result in the Bell 209.

The 90 B-52Hs on Air Combat Command strength in 1995 are likely to remain in service past 2000, tasked with a variety of missions including standoff nuclear missile launching and conventional cruise missile launching. Photo: A USAF B-52H - a symbol of US military might. (Boeing) Armament: None Operators: Russia History: The A-50 (NATO name 'Mainstay') was developed to replace Russia's first operational AEW&C aircraft, the Tupolev Tu-126 'Moss'. The Tu-126 was a conversion of the Tu-114 airliner (the Tu-114 was an airliner development of the Tu-95 bomber) and about a dozen Tu-126 conversions are thought to have seen service since the mid 1960s.

Performance: 214ST - Max cruising speed 260km/h (140kt) at 4000ft, or 264km/h (143kt) at sea level. Max initial rate of climb 1780ft/min. Service ceiling with one engine out 4800ft. Hovering ceiling in ground effect 6400ft. Ferry range with auxiliary fuel 1020km (550nm), range with standard fuel and no reserves 805km (435nm). Weights: 214ST - Empty 4300kg (9481 Ib), max takeoff 7938kg (17,500lb). 84m (15ft 11 in). 3m2 (2124sqft). Accommodation: 214ST - Pilot and copilot and up to 16 or 17 passengers.

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