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Even the Odds!

Whether you struggle for legislation, chaos, or a philosophy in among, Pathfinder participant better half: Champions of stability lets you tip the scales on your prefer! ensure your get to the bottom of is understood via claiming the recent suggestions during this publication designed particularly for impartial characters—hone your pragmatic conflict prowess with new strive against feats, crush your extremist opponents with never-before-seen goods, or even command opposing forces from the Outer Planes with strong new summoning magic.

Inside this e-book, you’ll find:

• Discussions on tips on how to create a tremendous number of lawful impartial, impartial, and chaotic impartial characters and encourage impartial heroes and antiheroes.
• New features and ideas for characters who hail from impartial lands or belong to at least one of the interior Sea’s quite a few impartial organizations.
• New spells, magic goods, feats, and different personality thoughts to embolden adventurers devoted to the rules of neutrality.
• ideas for an all-new status classification devoted to preserving ethical and moral equilibrium during the multiverse—the enigmatic envoy of balance!
• New archetypes for bards and druids, a cavalier order, a sorcerer bloodline, subdomains, and more!

This Pathfinder participant significant other is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying online game and the Pathfinder crusade surroundings, yet can simply be integrated into any myth world.

Written via Matt Goodall, Jason Ridler, Ron Lundeen, David Schwartz, and Philip Minchin.
Cover artwork by means of Kieran Yanner.

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Additionally, when using the Versatile Channeler feat, her effective cleric level is no longer reduced by 2-instead, she uses her full effective cleric level. An envoy of balance must have the Versatile Channeler feat to choose this endowment. Twinned ChannelinlJ: When channeling energy, the envoy of balance can simultaneously release waves of positive and negative energy. She chooses a category of creatures (either living or undead), and this conjoined energy both heals and harms the affected creatures.

The effect is a utomatica l l y countered, and no caster l evel check i s req u i red. I n addition, the outsider m ust succeed at a DC 2 0 Will save o r be banished back to its home pla ne, as banishment. An outsider with more than 2 6 Hit Dice is u naffected by the banishment effect. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS I COST 2 7, 1 00 G P C r a f t Wo n d ro u s Item; banishment; dispel chaos, a n d Jaw; dispel magic; creator must be neut ra l PRICE D I M E NS I O NAL AC I D Basic pit Corrosive pit jagged pit Living p i t SLOT n o n e AURA varies evil, good, va ries C L varies 450 GP 1,750 GP 1 ,000 G P 2,700 G P WEIGHT 1 lb.

Spells: Able to cast 3rd-level spells. Special: If the character gains spells from a deity, this deity's alignment must be neutral and it must be able to grant followers the ability to channel both positive and negative energy. CL ASS SK1LLS The envoy of balance's class skills (and the key ability for each skill) are Diplomacy (Cha), Knowledge (all) (Int), Linguistics ( Int), and Use Magic Device (Cha). Skill Ranks at Each Level: 2 + Int modifier. CL ASS FE ATURES The following are class features of the envoy of balance prestige class.

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