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Evil Triumphs!

Claim what’s rightfully yours with Pathfinder participant better half: Champions of Corruption! Summon monsters from the blood of your enemies with twisted Sarkorian magic, lord over your minions to additional the factors of your darkish masters, and use any potential essential to in attaining your despicable targets. With Champions of Corruption, every little thing is reasonable online game so long as you prosper and your enemies suffer.

Inside this publication, you’ll find:

• certain explorations of the lawful evil, impartial evil, and chaotic evil alignments, together with instance personas in your vile character.
• New archetypes: the sanguinary blood summoner, the godless dread forefront, and the bloodthirsty raging cannibal.
• Savage new characteristics for characters who hail from darkish lands, and ideas for depraved ones who search to lord over Golarion’s so much debased countries and organizations.
• merciless new techniques like Vile management and damnation feats, which allow you to use coercion and violence to compel your cohorts and allies to devote even higher atrocities.
• Brutal new spells, magic goods, and different sinister recommendations to sate your bloodlust and strike worry within the hearts of heroes who could oppose you.

This Pathfinder participant better half is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade atmosphere, yet can simply be included into any myth world.

Written through Paris Crenshaw, Jim Groves, Sean McGowan, Philip Minchin.
Cover paintings through Claudia Schmidt.

Each per month 32-page Pathfinder participant spouse comprises a number of player-focused articles exploring the volume’s subject matter in addition to brief articles with leading edge new principles for every type of characters, in addition to qualities to higher anchor the participant to the crusade.

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Greater: The wearer may use air walk once per day. CONSTRUCTION REQUIREMENTS Minor Major Greater COST varies 3,000 GP 3,600 GP 5,600 GP Craft Shadow Piercing, feather fall (lesser), levitate (normal), air walk (greater) Drawbacks Being evil in a decent society isn’t easy, and keeping true to your dark soul can be a complicated business. More information on drawbacks can be found in Pathfinder RPG Ultimate Campaign. Foul Brand: You have the symbol of an evil deity burned into your f lesh. If the symbol is on your hand, you take a –1 penalty on Disable Device, Disguise, and Sleight of Hand checks.

While worn, the amulet tinges the user’s healing magic with a wash of ecstasy that acts as a magical drug, making the recipient of the magical healing susceptible to mental manipulation by the wearer. Anytime the wearer casts a healing spell or uses a spell-like ability on a single target, the recipient of the magical healing additionally must succeed at a DC 13 Fortitude save or become addicted to the wearer’s healing spells. The wearer can suppress this effect by shielding the amulet from view with a hand or held item as a free action.

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