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By Walter H. Maurer

The Ṛgveda is the oldest of the books that contain the scriptures of Hinduism. whereas its age can't be competently decided, it may be stated with average sure bet that it should have existed in its current shape not less than as early as a thousand BC. It involves 1,028 hymns, prepared, based on the shape during which the Ṛgveda has been transmitted, in ten divisions, referred to as maṇḍalas. This quantity comprises a range of hymns, translated into English and annotated, in addition to brief introductions to the Ṛgveda as an entire and the several subject matters round which the chosen hymns are grouped, a bibliography, and an index.

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His individual essence as evoked by his name, grow in secret - in those remote cloud-citadels Selected H y m n s of his, where his presence is concealed from man. Such seems to be the purport of these enigmatic words, but interpretations vary. g. N. [Apām Napät],' p. 322. ' 'nearest friend of many': literally 'lowest,' because Apäm Napät in his terrestrial role as contrasted with his atmospheric role is meant; with 'many' might be supplied either 'gods' or 'men,' in the former case because as identified with Agni he is the most intimate of all the gods, the center of the sacrificial ritual and the domestic fire, and in the latter case because he is in fact the friend of all mankind.

Set down the sacrifice in the abode of good works! Inviting the gods, to the gods sacrifice with an oblation, O Agni, bestow great strength upon the worshipper! 9. Make abundant smoke, friends! Go unhesitating to the prize! Here's Agni, the victor in battle, goodly hero, by whom the gods overcame the Dasyus. 10. This is your timely abode, whence born you shone: knowing it, Agni, sit down, then make our songs to increase! 29 27 11. The lordly one, as an embryo, is called Tanünapät. He becomes Narāsarhsa when he is born here and there.

2. He slew the serpent reclining on the mountain. Tvastr fashioned for him the resounding thunderbolt. Running like lowing cows, the waters went quickly down to the sea. 3. Desiring manly strength, he chose the Soma: he drank of the extract in three brown vessels. Maghavan took his missile, the thunderbolt, slew him, the first-born of serpents. 4. When, Indra, you slew the first-born of serpents and then reduced to naught the wiles of the wily, causing to be born the sun, the heaven and the dawn, since then you have found no enemy at all.

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