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By Dennis B. Fradin

Discusses the 9th planet, the way it was once named, and the knowledge astronomers have accrued approximately it.

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Discusses the 9th planet, the way it was once named, and the data astronomers have accumulated approximately it.

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Astronomers think tenth planet. at Some is it a has been It called Planet X, as Pluto was named before it was discovered. Perhaps there is no Planet X. there are two Or perhaps unknown planets. Any planet beyond 42 Pluto Astronomers believe that this photograph indicates that there is another solar system 50 light-years away from Earth. would be very away far and dim. Finding it could be very hard. But nnany astronomers are looking for Planet X. Some are studying old sky photos to see if they can spot it.

Only a large telescope can reveal Pluto. Little is known about 39 Even the Pluto's surface. biggest telescopes cannot show on details Pluto. " The ice thought to be made is of frozen poisonous gases and water. Pluto's average temperature -350° F. is around Our Earth never gets nearly that cold. Uranus and Neptune are also very cold, but Pluto 40 is Astronomer James W. Christy examined this photograph of Pluto. He determined that the bulge shown in the dark area was really a moon orbiting the planet.

After Percival Lowell's death, the observatory's planet hunt came to a standstill for thirteen years. 26 CLYDE Wo TOMBAUOy SEARCHES FOR PLOT© Lowell Observatory resumed in its planet search the spring of 1929. This time Clyde W. was Tombaugh the observatory's planet hunter. Born in Illinois Tombaugh was in 1906, just twenty-three years old. had not yet been He to 27 Clyde W. Tombaugh college. But he knew a lot about astronomy and telescopes, and he willing to of was spend thousands hours on the project.

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