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28): their outline varies from one individual to another. Two groups of muscles bounding the cubital fossa can be seen and felt: the mass of the flexor muscle (massa muscularis flexoria) which arises from the medial epicondyle, and the mass of the extensor muscle (massa muscularis extensoria) which originates in or from the direction of the lateral epicondyle. The tendon of the biceps, with insertion between the two groups UPPER LIMBS 47 of muscles, is well visible and palpable if the elbow is bent.

Dorsal surface of upper limb of the deltoid muscle. Its entire long head can be identified in the form of a longitudinal prominence in the middle of the posterior surface of the upper arm. The medial head is least marked. The tendon of insertion of the muscle is visible and palpable above the olecranon as a depression. The radial nerve passes to the back directly below the posterior axillary fold and follows a spiral course outwards and downwards in the middle third of the posterior surface of the humérus (sulcus of the radial nerve).

Foil combinations of different types are manufactured according to these principles. 31 GENERAL A B FIG. 23. Arteriogram of lower extremity A = femoral artery; B = popliteal artery 9. Contrast Media The radiopacity of some hollow organs is so low t h a t their shadow merges into t h a t cast by the surrounding tissues. This is why radiopaque substances are introduced into the organism: their shadow enables the radiologist to distinguish and study the structures filled with these substances, known as contrast media.

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