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Again within the Seventies and early Eighties the arcade used to be king. whereas videogames have been progressing at an striking fee in houses during the international, it was once the arcade within the West and East the place many of the largest technical leaps and boundaries have been being made.

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When it arrived, it had an aged-looking two-page typed note lying in the bottom, which basically said, ‘Any problems, call Nolan direct on (415) 961-9373’. I think he’s gone a few places since then! Amazingly, it’s been 100 per cent reliable since getting it working in 2001. The screen is an ancient valvebased TV, which takes a minute to ‘glow’ into life, and the chips used on the PCBs are Jurassic-era ECLs and TTLs. Most of them have had their ID chemically removed to prevent cloning back in the day.

ARCADE CLASSICS | 37 INSTRUCTION MANUAL FOR NUTTING INDUSTRIES NUTTING INDUSTRIES When you think of the pioneers of the modern coin-op industry or the game console business, names like Bushnell and Baer come to mind along with companies like Atari or Magnavox. As Marty Goldberg shows, the last name Nutting deserves a similar level of reverence W hile most talk of the early video arcade industry usually centres around Nolan Bushnell and Atari, there’s another individual whose firms and their contributions to both video arcade games and the coin-operated amusements industry overall are arguably equally as important.

I thought it was great… if you had a big enough computer! ” Ted and Nolan teamed up with programmer Larry Bryan, who had access to a PDP computer and was to be responsible for the coding, and they began calculating how many games they could run from one computer. “We concluded there was no way it was going to work. It just wasn’t fast enough,” notes Ted. still took a lot of computer time. We’d gone down from four, to three, to two screens. An electro-mechanical game cost around $900 and I thought we could charge a little more than that, but not $3,000 a screen!

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