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Its population is divided among numerous small farming or fishing communities, with only the capitol of Aesus having a substantial population. This labyrinthine city is built of dark wood, surrounded by elaborate stone walls. In the center of the city, atop a high hill, rises the king's palace, said to be built on the foundations of an ancient titanspawn fortress. The region's weather is especially tedious. When it is not raining, the realm is oppressively hot, and little work gets done in the hot months of summer.

Possibly sooner than I'd like (but that depended on my judgment in choosing my bed partners), but for now I was going home, and that was enough for me. — Diago Sunharrow Population: 60,000 (80% human, 10% half-elf, 10% other) Government: Monarchy Ruler: King Lanesh (human male Ftrl6, LE) Capital: Crylasta (10,000) Major Cities: Brinan (8,000), Stalcho (6,000), Sethos (5,000) Language: Termanan Religion: Enkili, Belsameth, Chardun Currency: Gold fist (5 gp), gold hand (1 gp), silver digit (1 sp), copper penny (1 cp) Resources: Timber, fish, art work Allies: North Crilos, South Crilos Enemies: Blood Bayou, Karsian, Thorvalos As we went on, the fearsome presence in the north became more and more obvious.

Slate Hills: These hills form the frontier between Virduk's Promise and the forsaken elf realms to the east. They are home to gnolls, hobgoblins and hill giants, with the occasional titanspawn infestation to keep things interesting. So far, neither the Calastians nor the elves have bothered to claim the region, preferring to keep it as an effective bar to invasion. Tattered Hills: The barren highlands that lie between Blood Bayou and the human nations to the south are largely avoided by sensible inhabitants, for they harbor numerous predators, blood sea mutants, titanspawn, and Blood Bayou patrols that have been known to raid into neighboring regions.

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