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It is not enough simply to decriminalise this way of making a livelihood. It is also necessary to avoid implied censure, and so criminalisation by the ‘back door’. In Chapter 5 – ‘The bar dancer and the trafficked migrant: globalisation and subaltern existence’ – Flavia Agnes offers a perspective from a different culture, telling a story which reveals that in the end ‘indoor’ sex workers may be as vulnerable as those who work from the streets. The bar dancers of Mumbai are paid both for their performance and for partnering clients; some of them acquire long-term protectors/partners and become courtesans.

Feminist criminologists have aimed to raise the visibility of women within criminological knowledge and to address women’s relationships with crime not only as offenders but also as victims, and have attempted to understand crime as a male-dominated activity produced not as a result of physiological differences but as a product of gender differences (see, for example, Smart 1977; Leonard 1982; Heidensohn 1985; Morris 1987 for some early work). Feminist criminologists argue that to understand the gendered aspects of crime requires a paradigm shift and a consideration of how gender interplays with class and ethnicity, in addition to how  Sex as Crime?

Oxford: Clarendon Press. Marchbank, J. and Letherby, G. (2007) Introduction to Gender: Social Science Perspectives. Essex: Pearson. W. (1993) Masculinities and Crime: Critique and Reconceptualization of Theory. Washington, DC: Rowan & Littlefield. Millen, D. html. Moore, S. and Rosenthal, D. (1993) Sexuality in Adolescence. London: Routledge. Morris, A. (1987) Women, Crime and Criminal Justice. Oxford: Basil Blackwell. 16 Problematising sex: introducing sex as crime Mulvey, L. (1975) ‘Visual pleasure and narrative cinema’, Screen, 16 (3): 6–18.

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