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He guessed the chalk marks to be several years old, and they were far too faint to make out or read clearly. He photographed the lines as best he could, guessing them to be diagrams for piping or something else leftover from construction, but was still curious after his previous experience. Many months later, he met a recently tenured professor of linguistics named Robin Frost and wound up discussing his find. He showed her the photos. She said there was definitely a linguistic pattern to them.

Anything else depends on what you want to do with the university. Characters can learn that: • The university plays host to a greaterthan-average number of ghost stories, paranormal occurrences and urban legends. • Some professors take a keen interest in such phenomena and track down students who speak of their strange experiences. • A professor named Detwiler at one time conducted research into modern occult practices at the university (exceptional success or extended roll required). • Something odd happened on campus years ago, thought to be vandalism.

Under “Preliminary Events” and “Stories,” below, are examples of what the university is capable of doing. Feel free to assign whatever motives you like to its behavior. Or simply present the facts and let the characters play detective and draw their own conclusions. The less you lead them, the more thinking they’ll do for themselves. The other major supporting characters are the professors of the secret society. At present, the group has 10 members, all faculty in various fields who have gained tenure.

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