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By Katy Gray Brown (Editor) David Boersema (Editor)

This e-book is a set of philosophical papers that explores theoretical and sensible features and implications of nonviolence as a method of creating peace. The papers diversity from religious and political dimensions of nonviolence to problems with justice and values and recommendations for motion and alter. Contents: Acknowledgments Katy grey BROWN: advent: past secure floor half One: religious Dimensions Jerald RICHARDS: Spirituality, faith, Violence, and Nonviolence Joseph KUNKEL: The religious part of Peacemaking William C. homosexual: Apocalyptic pondering as opposed to Nonviolent motion half : Political Dimensions Anas KARZAI, Marianne VARDALOS: figuring out “Operation Enduring Freedom ” during the patience of Sacrifice, Revenge, and the present of merciless Economies Gail PRESBEY: Strategic Nonviolence in Africa: purposes for its embody and Later Abandonment by means of Nkrumah, Nyerere, and Kaunda Charles Martin OVERBY: The Treasure of Japan ’s Article nine: the realm ’s ideal legislations for Peace, Justice, and Nonviolent clash solution JOHN KULTGEN: “Faceless Coward ”: Bush ’ s Anti-Terrorism Rhetoric half 3: Justice and Values Maria H. MORALES: No Justice, No Peace Michael Patterson BROWN: Sharing a feeling of Justice: The function of judgment of right and wrong in Political Protest David BOERSEMA: Taking Compromise heavily Andrew KELLEY: Kant on Freedom, Happiness, and Peace half 4: motion and alter William C. homosexual: A Normative Framework for Addressing Peace and similar worldwide matters Beth J.SINGER: On Language and Social switch John KULTGEN: creating a guy of Her: girls within the army Ian M. HARRIS: Assumptions at the back of differing kinds of Peace schooling concerning the Authors Index

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King sees love as encompassing a beloved community. Indeed, he had an ecstatic vision of this community before he died. 12 For King, the vision seems to be directed toward the future of earth. The kingdom of heaven is an ideal toward which human beings are moving. 13 In either case, we are talking about a future to be experienced. For both King and Tolstoy, we bring that kingdom to fruition by faithfully anticipating it in our actions. Loving our enemies and acting nonviolently are two aspects of this faithful response.

William James, “The Moral Philosopher and the Mora Life,” The Writings of William James: A Comprehensive Edition, ed. John J. McDermott (New York: Modern Library, 1968), pp. 614–619; and Jean-Paul Sartre, “Existentialism as a Humanism,” in Existentialism, trans. Bernard Frecthman (New York: Philosophical Library, 1947), pp. 14–38. 18. Mahatma Gandhi, “Introduction,” The Bhagavad Gita according to Gandhi, ed. John Strohmeier (Berkeley Calif: Berkeley Hills, 2000), p. 17–20. This page intentionally left blank Three APOCALYPTIC THINKING VERSUS NONVIOLENT ACTION William C.

We got back on the road and to my surprise, all fourteen of us walked to the buses. I have been in numerous peaceful demonstrations but this was the first time I was arrested while demonstrating to express my political views. What I want to share in this writing is my view that there is a spiritual dimension for nonviolent protest. I find this element in Mohandas K. , Leo Tolstoy, and other sources. I understand that peaceful demonstrations can be undertaken without this foundation, but I also believe that the spiritual enhances the physical; the two are intertwined with the physical being handmaiden to the spiritual.

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