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Sugar is a typical product with a posh history, in general as a result of the high measure of protectionism given to the and some great benefits of making sure family manufacturers remain in enterprise. This e-book asks why there are such disagreements over alternate coverage, who earnings in the present regime, and the place strength finally lies.

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Finally, strategies by which firms in poorer countries might maintain and improve their position (‘upgrade’) within the chain are considered, in some cases through public action (Gibbon 2001) but more often by moving into more complex processing and logistic activities or by playing a more effective role in product innovation. The likely drawbacks of attempting to examine the ‘global value chains of sugar’ would be, first, the difficulty in placing the commodity at the centre of analysis. Compared to other agricultural products such as cocoa, coffee or cut flowers, sugar is used in a wide range of final products and in each case is usually one among many inputs.

Regulatory discrimination is also evident across institutions, most notably the option faced by many developing countries in pursuing trade policy through the WTO or through Regional 36 Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime Trade Agreements (RTAs). As Kenneth Shadlen has argued, RTAs typically offer developing countries increased market access at the cost of deeper concessions on inward investment, intellectual property and the ‘Singapore issues’, thereby spelling further curtailment in state activism.

For example David Coen and Wyn Grant (2005) have drawn attention to 38 Sugar: Refined Power in a Global Regime how specific fractions of capital can create an ‘imprisoned zone’ of policymaking through their deployment of informational and financial assets. Typically these efforts draw together a number of powerful stakeholders within a given industry, building a coalition that helps to shape policy conducive to the continued growth and protection of the industry as a whole, even if the coalition members consider themselves competitors within that industry.

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