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By Chris Burns, Bethany Culp, Stephen Michael DiPesa

Conjuring From the Deeps There are issues now not of this international. issues that lurk within the margins of the universe, mendacity within the layers among worlds. they could listen us, see us from afar. and so they might be referred to as. Will you be a kind of who bind them to their carrier? a personality ebook for Mage: The Awakening?„? o An accelerated concentrate on mages who summon unearthly entities as a route to energy o Elaboration on how one can name at the Fallen, the Supernal, the Abyssal and issues which may be even past such phrases o structures for otherworldly pacts, compacts, Legacies, advantages, spells and extra

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Sample Cryptid: Gray Alien bra’s fangs when it is about to feed. The chupacabra’s eyes are a faintly luminous red and, when hungry, the cryptid smells faintly of sulfur. Sometimes — particularly at night — the chupacabra lets out a cry that sounds like a woman’s panicked scream. When closing on prey, it emits a soft, warbling trill, intended to entrance its victim. Rank: 2 Attributes: Power 4, Finesse 5, Resistance 4 Willpower: 8 Essence: max 15 Initiative: 9 Defense: 5 Speed: 24 (species factor 15) Size: 4 Corpus: 8 Influence: Hunting 2 Numina: Trill (dice pool 9).

Just as many modern people recognize that humanity must not use the Earth and its creatures without any sense of mercy or restraint, these willworkers propound a more tolerant, charitable perspective on the beings that Fallen World summoners call up and bind to service. This perspective sits poorly with most mages hailing form the traditional Diamond Orders, though it finds some purchase among Arrows and a handful of théarchs. ” In a number of Consilii throughout the world, though, this debate rages and the summoners who inhabit them pay close attention to the theater of public opinion, aware that the accepted practices of today can readily become the reviled acts of tomorrow.

He still wears the janitorial jumpsuit in which he died, as torn to shreds as the rest of him. Two anchors still connect the shock troop to this world. The first is his father’s gold wristwatch, recently restored and presently under the glass countertop in a secondhand store. The other is the skull of the feral dog in whose jaws he perished: a hulking, black English mastiff. The dog died (of natural causes, having never been found after the janitor’s death) in an abandoned junkyard outside of town.

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