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A 128-page, full-color, hardcover publication detailing the folk, locations, and occasions from The Fellowship of the hoop (both publication and film). features a unique timeline and advisor to the occasions of the tale, video game statistics for various enchanted goods and artifacts, and 15 illustrated maps of locations visited via the Fellowship.

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When the nation was embroiled in civil war following the death of Aroden, the lodge—which, in typical Chelish fashion, was as much a museum displaying evidence of local Pathf inders’ successes as a place for working agents to rest and recover—was quickly sealed to protect those important artifacts and research which couldn’t be transferred back to Absalom safely, with the intention that once things settled down, the Society would return to take up where they’d left off. No one expected just how long the unrest in Cheliax would last—more than 30 bloody years—and when at last the dust settled, the nation was a very different place.

Eurythnia House: This cottage is glass-topped bar in the corner currently occupied by Almya Gorangal (N boasts an elegant collection of vintage female human ranger 6), a disagreeable brandies and f ine elven wines. Chelish woman who has spend too many 2d. Foyer: Decorated in the eclectic style hours in the Mushfens dredging sunken of early Taldor, ornamental suits ruins for Thassilonian treasures. of ancient plate mail line this hall. 4b. Bakrahan House: The smallest of the All bear shields painted with various Thassilonian houses, this cottage stands Sheila Heidmarch Heidmarch family crests.

If he needs food and shelter, it is provided, or else assistance is given to help him procure such accommodations elsewhere. Most importantly, every lodge upholds the policy of tolerance and respect to all Pathf inders. Violence of any sort directed toward another Society member is intolerable within the lodge and holds serious consequences, possibly including heavy f ines, loss of standing, expulsion, or worse. Therefore, Pathf inders put aside even the bitterest of rivalries before setting foot in a lodge.

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