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By Sarah Lynne Bowman

This research takes an analytical method of the area of role-playing video games, delivering a theoretical framework for figuring out their mental and sociological capabilities. occasionally brushed off as escapist and very likely harmful, role-playing really encourages creativity, self-awareness, workforce harmony and "out-of-the-box" considering. The publication additionally deals a close participant-observer ethnography on role-playing video games, that includes insightful interviews with 19 contributors of table-top, stay motion and digital video games.

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Forum role-play and discussion sometimes accompanies other forms of role-playing. For example, a LARP that only meets once or twice a month can utilize an online forum to fill in story gaps and enact scenes in between game sessions. Bulletin boards offer the chance for relationships to be cemented, drama to unfold, and pieces of story to be exposed that players never would have explored in the live action format due to time constraints. The presentation of an avatar allows for enhanced immersion.

Thus, gamers will often pour countless hours into memorizing the rules of that particular universe. In most RPGs, the next step of the process is compiling a character sheet, which delineates the statistics (or stats) of the character. 34 The Vampire character sheet provides numerical values for Attributes and Abilities. Attributes describe a character’s inherent stats: physicalbased characters allocate their points primarily into Strength, Dexterity, and Stamina; social-based characters favor skills such as Manipulation, Charisma, and Appearance; and mental-based characters focus on Perception, Intelligence, and Wits.

3. Role Play, in which the players act out issues fictionally, such as enacting a familiar family conflict or using a fairy tale as metaphor for a larger psychological complexes. 4. Culminating Enactments, in which players work through personal issues directly through psychodrama or autobiographical performance. 5. Dramatic Ritual, in which the group provides a sense of closure by engaging in a final ritual performance or evaluation either publicly or privately. 25 According to therapist Susan Bailey, despite the variability of drama therapy techniques, certain universal themes remain constant.

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