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By Miranda A. Schreurs, Elizabeth Economy

Seven unique case reports exhibit how the internationalization of environmental defense efforts is changing policy-making procedures, coverage results, and the effectiveness of coverage implementation. even as, the authors argue, the important position of sub-state politics keeps to steer the character of nationwide responses to foreign environmental difficulties. This booklet represents an incredible contribution to the controversy on overseas environmental cooperation for college kids of diplomacy, comparative politics and environmental reports.

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23 The political debate In early 1990, as the focus of the international climate change discussions progressed from scientific debate to formal political negotiations, the Chinese State Environmental Protection Commission established the National Climate Change Coordinating Group. This group consisted of the four agencies involved in the initial climate change leading group - SSTC, NEPA, MOFA, and SMA - as well as the Ministry of Energy and the State Planning Commission. The actual distribution of decision-making power among these agencies, how this power evolved, and the influence of this evolution on the policies adopted reflected the eventual ascension of officials in the planning and foreign affairs bureaucracies to pre-eminent policy-making positions.

The environmental setting By the time of UNCED1992, China was confronting extensive pollution and environmental degradation stemming from both its rapid industrialization drive during the post-1949 period and its emphasis on continued rapid economic growth throughout the reform period. China's overwhelming reliance on coal, its poor implementation of pollution and efficiency technologies, and its non-market pricing system for coal and other fuels (such as natural gas) brought about severe air and water pollution, transport bottlenecks, and health problems.

12 The report stated that global warming would affect every aspect of society - agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry, marine life, and industry. It acknowledged that the effects of climate change would be complicated: a winter warming, for instance, could produce a bountiful wheat harvest and energy savings. At the same time, however, NEPA reiterated its estimate that overall agricultural productivity would suffer a 5 per cent loss and stated that climate change might also lead to an increase in the frequency of forest fires, soil erosion, and pestilence, thus affecting people's health.

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