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By Sidney Greenbaum

Written by way of one of many world's major grammarians, The Oxford English Grammar is an authoritative evaluate of and subject reference for English grammar.

Opening with an overview of nationwide, local, and social version in English, the ebook info descriptive and prescriptive ways and attitudes to English between either local and non-native audio system. this is often by means of an account of the advance of grammar, and a assessment of contemporary techniques to this complicated topic. The relevant portion of the publication is a presentation of present English grammar at sentence, clause, word, and note point; with the final chapters masking grammar when it comes to discourse, word-formation, lexis, pronunciation and intonation, punctuation, and spelling. an entire index is supplied, and examples of utilization are drawn from quite a lot of assets, together with use of the hot foreign Corpus of English at collage university London.

Written in a readable and soaking up kind, The Oxford English Grammar is a necessary reference for English audio system around the globe.

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W2D-007-11] If alternative forms are needed more than once, the result can be clumsy: [3] A candidate who wishes to enter the School before his or her eighteenth birthday may be asked to write to state his or her reasons. [W2D-007-45J Resort can be had instead to they, them, or their as generic singulars, a common usage in speech: [4] This certificate lists the four courses for which the student was registered, showing letter grade assessments of their work over the year and grades for their examination performance.

To take a simple example, the subject of [3] is the noun phrase the title of the course. [3] The title of the course was Woodland Ecology [SIA-036-162] The noun phrase (NP) contains within it the prepositional phrase (PP) of the course (headed by the preposition of), which in turn contains the noun phrase the course. These relationships are expressed schematically in [3a]: [3a] the title of the course of the course the course NP PP NP * A clause can also contain another clause: [4] Ifyou've been given a voucher because you have a low income, the value of your voucher may be reduced.

1) amassed enormous numbers of citation slips for their research. The recent availability of increasingly powerful small computers has promoted the creation of large corpora (collections of electronic texts) that are distributed internationally, providing data for researchers that were not involved in their compilation. A corpus may be limited in its scope (say, to dramatic texts or runs of particular newspapers) or it may attempt a wide coverage. Some English corpora now run into many millions of words.

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