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By Nirmalangshu Mukherji

An offer that the biolinguistic method of human languages could have pointed out, past the examine of language, a particular constitution of the human brain.

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X ¼ y) & sWx) (5) s(bx)(Kx & (Ey)(Ky ! x ¼ y) & Wx) It is clear that (4) also will be false if there is no king of France so that the uneasy issue of ‘‘who-is-unwise’’ does not arise. When (3) is false, (5) indeed is true but it is not true of someone; hence, the problem disappears. ). 3). Nevertheless, notwithstanding the merits of the specific solution, Russell’s analysis of the problem brought out a general feature of languages. The heart of Russell’s solution was the observation that (2), a sentence of English, is structurally ambiguous.

I return to these issues in chapter 3. 14 I will question this conception of LF in some detail in this work to argue that LF itself may be viewed as a (genuine) semantic level. ’’ If Fodor is right in his rejection of New Testament semantics, and if Chomsky is right in rejecting Old Testament semantics, no intelligible concept of semantics survives outside the internalist concept of language use proposed in biolinguistics (Bilgrami and Rovane 2005). Beyond biolinguistics, vast gaps of understanding surround studies on language and related mental aspects of the world, even when we set aside the various dimensions of the unification problem.

In this sense, in meeting the legibility conditions, language has already been put to use! But this concept of use, restricted to mindinternal systems, need not appeal to any concept of use that involves, say, the concept of reference; in other words, the question of how language is related to the rest of the world to enable us to refer is now delinked from the question of how language relates to mind-internal systems. This is fundamental progress, and it was achieved by answering The Loneliness of Biolinguistics 27 question 1 in minimalist terms.

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