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By Christopher Sorrentino

 2005 nationwide ebook Award Finalist for FictionA Los Angeles instances booklet Review favourite ebook of the Year
A Publishers Weekly Top Ten Novel of the Year It is 1974 and a tiny band of self-styled city guerrillas, calling itself the Symbionese Liberation military (SLA), abducts a newspaper heiress, who then takes the guerrilla name"Tania" and shocks the area by way of deciding upon to stay together with her former captors. quickly lots of the SLA are lifeless, killed in a suicidal disagreement with police in la, forcing Tania and her ultimate comrades--the pompous and abusive normal Teko and his duplicitous lieutenant, Yolanda--into hiding, the place they'll stay for the following 16 months. those are the months of Tania's sentimental schooling.

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Rousseau was neither a leader nor a hero, but what he said—in itself not a very practical theory for social organization—had great impact on the future course of France. Marx was another such motor personality. Such associations may occur only in certain periods of the individual's lifetime and in certain circumstances of group life. But the point is that they can occur. Personalities like Caesar, Joan of Arc or de Gaulle did not exactly fit any particular group. In examining heroic leadership, Hoffman says: The heroic leader is, with reference to "routine authority", the outsider in two significant ways.

A Lenin or a Hitler can do to a crowd what 34 Chapter 3 only a few can. And not only do such men create an Impact which lasts beyond the life of the crowd, but they manage to manipulate the crowd without being carried away by it. II. Group Association The group's nature, size, context, cohesion, duration and 7environmental circumstances all shape its interaction with its components. At the minimum extreme of some of these factors, the group may not show much groupness. The wearers of shoe size 8, those in the $20,000 annual income bracket, or those 35 years old have common character is ties but are not always conscious of their groupness.

In such circumstances the specific characteristics of primary relationships may become relative. * The classification of groups into primary and secondary leaves us with certain ambiguities. The characteristics attributed to each category do not necessarily coincide with it. In the interpersonal relations of members of different groups we may find both primary and secondary dimensions. Yet for our political analysis we need a clearer idea of the nature of these relations. Let us, therefore, devise a model based on the nature of the behavior of the group members and their inter-personal relations in different group contexts, rather than on the structure and nature of the groups.

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