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By Will Hindmarch

The 1st of the five extended family books for requiem

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Put your ear to the canvas, and you can hear the cries and lamentations. No matter. Rubens died of gout, you know? Unpleasant way to go, I have to believe. Speaking of unpleasant, I will note that my… swelling upon joining the estimable ranks of the family Macellarius was not the most pleasurable experience. Bones broke to accommodate new weight, healing poorly for a time before straightening out with agonizing slowness.

In the intervening centuries, the history of the Lords follows the history of mortals as night follows day. The individual fortunes of individual Lords are the result of thousands of smaller stories and histories, which are dwarfed by the larger sweep of the Ventrue story: Lords sweeten the victories of mortal kings, and diminish their defeats. Lords make themselves rich off the innovations and triumphs of the living, then hoard their wealth when their kingly ponies start to lose their races. The Ventrue icons of these middle centuries are local tales – the Lords who are legendary in Paris may be unheard of in Moscow – as the Masquerade muffles the secret praise and celebrations of the Damned in each city.

Otherwise, what we found here merely illustrates the kinds of schemes and victories we Lords have championed for millennia. The London Papers Another archive put together as a result of World War II, the so-called London Papers are the work, allegedly, of a wizard who used magic to locate and protect rare and irreplaceable documents from the ravages of the war. No one could tell me what came of the wizard, but his collection has been passed down to new handlers. The documents contained in this collection – kept in a quite handsome and modern display beneath a Notting Hill home – represent an astonishing range of religious and secular, occult and mundane, ancient and contemporary (for the War) sources.

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