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By Paul Hume

Digital Realities 2.0 bargains an entire overhaul of the entire ideas for operating Shadowrun's around the world desktop community, the Matrix. New principles supply a faster-playing model of decking in the course of the web, replace Shadowrun expertise, and supply new gear and gear principles. This sourcebook additionally contains ideas for enjoying otaku, the mysterious technoshamans who appear to dwell within the Matrix, and provides the most up-tp-date information regarding Matrix legislations and synthetic intelligence. digital Realities 2.0 replaces the digital Realities sourcebook.

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Geb attempts to escape Golarion in an act of ritual suicide, but soon returns as a ghost. Aroden mortally wounds the wizard-king TarBaphon on the Isle of Terror at the center of Lake Encarthan. Artokus Kirran formulates the sun orchid elixir. Taldor’s Third Army of Exploration conquers the northern shore of the Inner Sea; Corentyn is founded. 2133 2187 2217 2253 2332 2361 2498 2497 2555 2560 2632 Qadiran operatives topple the decadent Pharaoh Menedes XXVI, establishing the first in a long line of foreign rulers over Osirion.

Taldor and Qadira reach an uneasy peace. King Gaspodar of Cheliax prepares for the prophesied manifestation of Aroden, foretold to mark the advent of the Age of Glory. Age of Lost Omens Date 4606 4608 4609 4613 4615 4620 4622 4632 4638 4640 4648 4655 4661 4665 4667 4669 Event Aroden dies, leaving the Empire of Cheliax without a divine mandate. The Eye of Abendego forms off of Garund’s northwestern coast, drowning the nations of Lirgen and Yamasa. The Worldwound opens in the north, consuming the barbarian kingdom of Sarkoris.

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