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By David Gewirtz

E-mail on the White home is deep, own, candid, unfiltered communique in the management of the main robust state in the world. And it's totally, very damaged. know about technical and protection issues that blast via political rhetoric or even celebration association. learn this ebook and you can comprehend the 3 root reasons of the White condominium e mail challenge. you are going to additionally know the way six very potential techniques can speedy and simply deliver safety and security again to White residence e mail.

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The difference is that Federal Records Act law applies to agencies. Agencies are subject to the Freedom of Information Act. Presidential records are not. In order for you or I to be permitted — by a Freedom of Information Act filing — to see the records of the National Security Council, the NSC would have to be considered an agency. For almost 50 years, since 1947, it was considered an agency — that is, until March, 1994. On March 25, 1994, President Clinton filed papers declaring that the National Security Council is not an agency, therefore is not subject to Freedom of Information Act regulations — keeping all Clinton-era NSC email records out of public view.

That attachment was a converted Microsoft Word file containing a draft of the press release that would be issued after the attack, for the Deputy Chief of Staff’s approval or editing. Where Have All the Emails Gone? S. org 14 Chapter 1 Although the press release didn’t detail everything about what, by the time it was released to reporters, would have been the over-and-done attack, anyone connected to al-Qa’idah, reading it before the attack began, would have been able to piece together some important details — enough to set a trap.

Parker issued a Temporary Restraining Order, prohibiting the destruction of the backup tapes to the Reagan-era PROFs system. The National Security Archives managed to keep those email messages from being destroyed, but it began a court battle that lasted through all four years of the Bush I administration. Where Have All the Emails Gone? S. org 34 Chapter 2 Flashback: Bush I administration (1989-1993) Most of us remember the four years of the first Bush administration. It was a busy time. Operation Just Cause deposed Manuel Noriega as dictator of Panama.

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