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James Wong is again, placing his ethnobotanical services to take advantage of once more, with over a hundred new, common, reasonable and simple treatments, exhibiting you and people round you ways to have a superbly fit yr. no matter if you're bored stiff together with your hormones, nervous approximately your baby's nappy rash, your associate is liable to a sore-throat, or leg-waxing is proving simply too dear to take care of, develop your personal medications: A 12 months With James Wong deals over a hundred nice new treatments to appease all demeanour of universal stipulations and sweetness difficulties - every time they may flare up. James exhibits how effortless it to have entry to the fitting elements regardless of the climate, along with his easy-to stick with seasonal concentration - even if you've acquired a window field, a roof terrace, a rustic backyard (or a working laptop or computer to reserve the products online…). His seasonal planner takes you all through from Spring to iciness, ensuring you recognize what to plant while, the simplest time to reap and the way to create your individual mini-apothecary (or store-cupboard) at domestic. choked with James's own most sensible assistance and straightforward options for either becoming and making treatments, this is often your must-have significant other to assist beat back any diseases and proceedings which would crop up all year long, the usual, James Wong approach. FEATURES:• Over a hundred new remedies• New seasonal consultant - the right way to ensure you have all of the materials you wish for a fit physique and brain all 12 months round• New non-gardener's advisor: if you're now not green-fingered or don't have a backyard, James finds easy methods to establish vegetation and the way to resource high quality parts online• extra approximately James's own inspirations: how he got here to a occupation in ethnobotany, how he is going approximately residing his personal GYOD 12 months and why a seasonal strategy is critical and straightforward to adopt• James's best suggestions and new present flashes (perfect for inexpensive, considerate presents)• New case reports: how humans who've attempted and established the treatments have gotten on• New domestic part: incredible usual and inexpensive treatments for domestic lifestyles. includes puppy flea powder, horsetail steel polish, wooden polish, carpet deodoriser

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