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By Justin Achilli, Jackie Cassada, DiPesa. Stephen Michael, Howard Ingham, Matthew McFarland, Visit Amazon's Chuck Wendig Page, search results, Learn about Author Central, Chuck Wendig,

"Explores 7 magical traditions, from Santeria and Taoist sorcery to the rites of the Knights Templar and Appalachian Hoodoo hexery. "

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In each Heaven, the mystic would have to pass terrible seals and wrathful guardian angels who would only let the most worthy pass into the presence of the Most High. After the Hekhalot, the book Sefer Yetzirah (“Book of Formation”) was written sometime before the sixth century, and formed the next major building block in 32 the history of Kabbalah. Sefer Yetzirah describes how God made the universe through the power of Hebrew numbers and letters, and implies that a wise and pious man can use the same knowledge to achieve magical ends.

It is Hod that allows the human mind to understand and abstract the ideas of dogs, cats, and numbers. Although many mages would logically see a connection between Hod and the Arcanum of Mind, Awakened Kabbalists have traditionally associated it with Life, after the story of how Adam defined all living things in the Garden of Eden by naming them. As the long journey of creation nears its end, the divine energy reaches Yesod, the foundation of the world. It is through Yesod that the higher spheres interface with and filter down into the Fallen World.

Gods of war, power, and divine justice (Ares, Thor, the Morrigan, and their ilk) are often depicted as manifestations of Gevurah. Gevurah is tied to the Virtue of Fortitude and the Vice of Wrath, and is governed by the planet Mars and the archangel Kamael. Martial arts, justice, and revenge are also powerful associations, as are acts or symbols of cruelty, dominance, and oppression. Gevurah bears the number five in numerological studies. Chesed (Time) Chesed (“Mercy”) is the creative font of the idea, of the potential genesis of the actual from the conceptual and the process of creation.

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