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By Tsepon Wangchuk Deden Shakabpa (Author), Derek F. Maher (Translator)

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Author’s preface xlv The Joyous Lady, the Land of Snows, who is forcefully suppressed at the mercy of lust, Is bound by the serpent of Chinese Communism. However, this beautiful thousand-stringed guitar that conveys the truth, Has one thousand changing notes that are reliable. You volunteered to take up this pure song of our political history; Thus, many beings have been awakened from enduring sleep. On a throne built from bricks of reliable scriptures, Sits the lady who speaks of the past with beautiful speech.

In several of these sections, he provides extensive lists of the types of trees, flowers, or carnivores, for example, to be found in Tibet. Wherever possible, I have translated these terms, but in those cases in which neither my informants nor the dictionaries available to me provided English or Latin equivalents, I have provided the Tibetan name in phonetics and the Tibetan spelling in parentheses. Interestingly, these sections provide accounts of some fantastic creatures, including the yeti. This chapter also introduces a broad range of cultural beliefs and practices.

Both of them gave us a great deal of important advice. We then traveled to China, America, England, France, Switzerland, Italy, and so forth. We met directly with xl author’s preface many famous leaders and political experts and had an opportunity to speak with them. Seeing the advanced living standards of people and the powerful resources of these countries, I came to realize that through the deceptive strategies of China and Britain, Tibet had remained isolated from the world, due to which, the political and economic status of the country had declined.

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