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By F. Wesley Schneider

From cults' mystery sanctums to the fortresses of diabolical demigods in Hell itself, the machinations of devils permeate the area of the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game. discover the unholy minions of Hell during this fell grimoire, which encompasses a dozen particular devils and different infernal impacts able to carry their sinister plots to any gaming desk. each one heinous foe is gifted with an in depth historical past, lair, minions, and entire information, permitting video game Masters to take advantage of them as depraved additions to any video game or because the centerpiece of elaborate plots that shape the very middle of campaigns of intrigue and treachery. Muster your entire braveness and discover the pages inside of to find:

• Unholy manifestations of robust devils and deities, permitting the denizens of Hell to exert their will upon the mortal world.
• A glimpse into the soul-markets of the infernal city of Dis, together with the steep costs of the weird goods peddled there.
• info of the Hellknights' deadly attempt of worthiness—one-on-one wrestle with a summoned devil.
• Profane details at the notorious e-book of the Damned, together with a self-contained demiplane in the ebook protecting all of its sinister secrets.
• The exorcism of an blameless baby, possessed via a sadistic satan and used as a puppet in an problematic infernal plot of revenge.
• A march throughout the fort of 1 of Hell's godlike gatekeepers—the infernal duke Furcas.

Pathfinder crusade atmosphere: Hell Unleashed is meant to be used with the Pathfinder Roleplaying video game and the Pathfinder crusade environment, yet can simply be utilized in any delusion online game atmosphere.

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It will not willingly leave the overgrown area, even to pursue enemies. If diminish plants is cast upon the area, the plants lose their immunity to fire and no longer heal the knight. If the knight is destroyed, a new knight appears after 24 hours. Destruction Diminish plants must be cast upon the area, then the corpse at the center of the manifestation (Perception DC 20 to find) must be burned and its ashes doused with holy water. Furcas’s Cult Infernal Dukes Furcas is typically worshiped by merciless knights, corrupt druids, evil centaurs, and hobgoblins.

Protection from evil does not eject Xerraxus, as Baalzebul ensured Dinya received no save against Xerraxus, but it does prevent him from controlling Dinya for the spell’s duration. The best option for the PCs will likely be dispel magic (DC 19), particularly with any bonuses they can gain from the useful items found throughout the house. The PCs can buy holy water from Bernard Lowend, the town’s 33 Emporium Isitalba Furcas Hellknights Mardehzuk Miranksha Terindelle Vipostix Emporium Isitalba One of the multiverse’s largest cities, the sprawling infernal metropolis of Dis is as darkly beautiful as it is terrifying.

A crown of laurels graces its brow. ; Reach 15 ft. (25 ft. with trident) Special Attacks crown of laurels, disease, poison, poison barb, powerful hooves, swat, trample (4d8+22, DC 40) Spell-Like Abilities (CL 27th; concentration +37) Constant—air walk, detect chaos, detect good, freedom of movement, true seeing, unholy aura (DC 28) At will—blasphemy (DC 27), desecrate, diminish plants, greater dispel magic, greater teleport, plant growth, shapechange, telekinesis (DC 25), thorny entanglementACG (DC 23), unhallow, unholy blight, wall of stone 3/day—overwhelming presenceUM (DC 29), quickened fire seeds (DC 26), reverse gravity, summon devils 1/day—imprisonment (DC 29), meteor swarm (DC 29), time stop version requires six consecutive successful saving throws to cure, and can be magically cured only by a lawful evil spellcaster.

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